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Our products

Upholstered furniture components/ frames

Our production is dominated by various types of upholstered furniture frames. We use high quality materials purchased from local suppliers, such as Sweden, Latvia, Estonia.

Materials we use usually are:
• Pine, spruce, birch and beech solid wood
• Particle board
• Pine/ Birch plywood
• High-density fiberboard (HDF)
• Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
• Cardboard
• Pine/ Spruce finger joined - edge glued beams

Finger joined - edge glued beams

The use of Laminated scantlings/ furniture laminated scantlings can save wood, as well as provide a wider choice of shapes and excellent wood quality compared to sliced ​​solid wood.

Production of Pine/ Spruce laminated scantlings/ furniture laminated scantlings. Dimensions: thickness 30- 90mm, width 40- 160mm, length 2000- 6000mm.

Individual orders are available for specific needs. Please contact us for special order conditions (quantity, delivery time).

Finger joined - edge glued beams

Biofuels - briquettes

We produce and sell "RUF" (brick, wood sawdust) briquettes. The natural wood sawdust used in production ensures high quality of the briquettes - they are properly pressed, do not drip, break, retain shape.

Because we do not use any binders, wood sawdust briquettes become one of the most environmentally friendly types of solid biofuel that is environmentally friendly and your heating equipment.

We produce briquettes from birch and pine/ spruce sawdust.

"RUF" briquettes are packed in bags of 10kg (96pcs in pallet, total weight not less than 960kg).

Biofuels - briquettes

We are intensively installing the best CNC equipment

Equipment slavita

Currently the quality of production
and the flexibility and productivity of production is ensured by 26pcs CNC


Slavita has an educated and flexible staff that receives continuous training in the latest manufacturing and management techniques, to improve our efficiency.

Sertifikatai Slavita 2024_edited.jpg

The company has implemented the following quality certificates and declarations:

ISO 9001: 2015. Quality management system

ISO 14001:2015. Environmental management system;

FSC Chain of custody certification

Slavita’s wood products can be produced with materials certificate according US Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).

We are managing our business with innovative solutions

We have implemented ERP  system QAD, which allows us to manage orders and manufacturing process for mass production as well as unit production. 


We implement solutions flexibly and expeditiously and always strive to meet the needs of our customers.


We produce orders within 5 working days when we have all technological information ready for production.


We offer technological solutions to meet individual customer needs.


We can produce small quantities in a short time when we already have the technological information ready for production.


Our vision

Stable company that has been recognized by customers and partners as a justification for their expectations.

Our values

Responsible approach to business.

Respect for employees.

Openness and trust, compliance with agreements.

Optimistic approach to problematic situations.


Contact us


Skodinio st. 1, Slavinčiškio village, LT-40335, Kupiškio region, Lithuania

Coordinates: 55.829925, 25.031173


Phone: +370 459 35 530

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 17:00


Company code 148052627
VAT code LT480526219

Registration address: Skodinio st. 1, Slavinčiškio village, LT-40335 Kupiškio region, Lithuania

LT897300010002537235, SWIFT: HABALT22 (SWEDbank)

LT277182900006467711, SWIFT: CBSBLT26 (Šiaulių bankas)

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